Industrial Supply Chain Tracking


Real-time data concerning the location and state provide the basis for intercommunication and integration of the various partners and logistical processes within your value chain.

The Agilion Enterprise RTLS WIRELESS LOCATION SYSTEM provides you with intelligent location, movement and status data along your value chain, starting with the inbound logistics via intra and production logistics right up to the outbound logistics. This supports the holistic optimization of your processes and resources regarding quality, cost and flexibility.

Inbound logistics

Standing time records:

Automatic recognition of the vehicle’s time of arrival on and departure from the premise. Generate an overview containing the standing times of the truck, enabling you to reduce inefficient idle times.

Automated allocation of parking spaces

Arriving trucks automatically receive the exact unloading place for the respective shipment upon passing the gates.

Access control

Determine which vehicles are eligible to enter what areas. Gates will only open automatically for vehicles equipped with sensors.

Tracking of goods delivered

The system records the state and location of scanned delivered goods. Furthermore, scanned data can be linked to video recordings. This enables you to associate video footage with goods. Further processing steps can be tracked in real-time.


Intra logistics


Forklift localization

All forklifts are equipped with a sensor. The whereabouts, routes, availability and state can be called up via this sensor. Additionally, access restrictions can be assigned.

Container and pallet localization

Products in containers or on pallets can be located via the location of transportation vehicles such as forklifts. The system notices the exact whereabouts as soon as a container or pallet is deposited at the designated storage location. The location will be transmitted to the transportation vehicle driver’s terminal device once the stored goods in the container or on the pallet have to be processed.

Container management

Record and monitor all container flows within your container circulation. Ensure that the containers are available at the correct location, at the right time, in the right state and in the correct amount at a minimum of costs. Reduce the chance of loss and optimize production processes.

Production logistics

Tool localization

A sensor attached to the tool allows for an inch-perfect localization and furthermore supports the production process intelligently. For instance, various commands regarding a screw gun’s torque control along the production steps can be stored or the battery status retrieved.

Work in Progress

Automate the single productions steps along your production line through intelligent real-time localization. Machines, tools and employees receive detailed information from the sensor on the workpiece regarding where and how it has to be processed. Benefit from efficient process control and transparent flow of material.

Production progress monitoring

Monitor the various stages of development of each product. Receive a detailed overview regarding the progress of production and optimize your production processes based on this data. Trace back production faults and give your customers accurate statements concerning delivery times.

factory manufacturing

Outbound logistics


Storage location localization

The storage location of overproduced goods can be localized accurate to a centimeter. In automotive manufacturing, overproduced vehicles are parked on hectare-sized areas. This is usually accompanied by time consuming and cost intensive processes. Thanks to precise real-time localization you can find the searched for vehicle any time, thus eliminate time consuming searches.

Truck loading

No matter whether your product is picked up for loading, straight from the production line, or has to be transported from a warehouse: the location of transshipment will be communicated to the driver or the transportation vehicle automatically. Spare complicated communication channels and enhance the transparency of your logistical chain.

Record departure times

The departure times of the loaded trucks will be captured and recorded automatically upon the truck leaving the premise. Make accurate statements regarding the time of delivery and monitor your supply process.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Transparent control of all people and processes involved along the supply chain;
  • Measurable cost cutting through efficient processes and less extra work;
  • Increase in productivity by reducing unproductive working periods;
  • Decreased throughput times;
  • Full traceability;
  • Increase in quality guaranteed thanks to decreased risk of error.

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