People Tracking

Manpower planning

Optimized processes thanks to intelligent manpower planning

Intelligent and efficient manpower planning is one of the keys to the long-term success of a company. Apart from a significant increase in productivity and cost cutting a company benefits from satisfied employees and increased competitiveness.


Your advantages at a glance

Ability to react instantaneously to disturbances

Qualified personnel can be deployed to rectify the disturbance immediately.

Efficient assignment

Elimination of unproductive working time can be achieved through transparent work practices.

Easy billing

Automated presence detection.

Less deployment effort

Real-time location of all employees at a glance.

Lower error rate and fewer rework

Intelligent utilization of the qualification required at the right time and place.

Measurable cost reduction

Reduce your costs sustainably by efficient employee deployment.

Workplace safety


Safety of people

Various dangers result in employees’ exposure to high accident hazard in many production centers in industry, mining or tunnel work. Exact to-the-second localization of the employees is of paramount importance when it comes to protection of your staff, no matter whether they work with heavy machinery, explosives or in buildings in danger of collapsing.

With the Agilion Enterprise RTLS WIRELESS LOCATION SYSTEM you do not only locate your employee in real-time; furthermore, you know his/her state (e.g. lying or standing). Reaction can be immediately in case of emergencies.

You can monitor whether there are still people within the building and react accordingly in case all employees have to leave the workplace as a result of hazards.

Access restriction

Adopt preventive measures concerning the safety of your employees or business secrets by limit access to sensitive areas. By deploying the Agilion WIRELESS LOCATION SYSTEM you ensure that only authorized personnel is admitted access to danger zones involving high accident risk with admission solely for specially trained personnel or research and development areas where only personnel involved may enter.

Thanks to the intelligent Agilion TAGs, doors in sensitive areas only open for personnel who have been assigned with access authorization. Forethoughtfully prevent workplace accidents and protect your business secrets from data piracy.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Accurate localization of the whereabouts and condition of your employees;
  • Instant response to accidents;
  • Prevention and reduction of workplace accidents;
  • Cost saving by reducing the days of incapacity to work.



Training analysis in special fields

Record, analyze and optimize training paths. Especially for fire services or military missions it is important to reflect reality trough training and exercises.

The Agilion WIRELESS LOCATION SYSTEM records the travel paths of your action force. The real-time location enables to give orders during the training. Records of the travel paths allow for an exact analysis of your tactics. Possible scenarios can be planned this way. Your employees and action force can be perfectly prepared for the operation.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Real-time orders during training;
  • Detailed documentation of the travel paths;
  • Analysis of tactics and travel paths.

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