Vehicle Tracking

Local public transport

Organized and transparent operations

Public transport companies have to plan efficiently, dispose and monitor their busses as well as rail vehicles and optimize operating cycles, vehicle services and maintenance every day in order to ensure the employment of vehicles according to schedule.

The pinpoint or area accurate localization and the automatic transmission of vehicle data to the control center or the automatic control of gates supports the everyday planning tasks optimally and efficiently.


Efficient operations

Optimal allocation of parking space


The driver automatically receives the parking space allocated to the vehicle whilst entering the depot. The parking lot rules are ensured and unnecessary shunting is avoided.

Automatic gate control


The gates to and from the depot open automatically for vehicles equipped with access authorization. This way you can guarantee that only the desired vehicles are in your depot.

Swift vehicle localization


Avoid time-consuming searches by locating the desired vehicle accurate to +/- 0.5m.

Transmission of vehicle data


Status information concerning the tank contents, technical service and so on are automatically transmitted to the control center. You will always have an overview of the state of your vehicles enabling you to timely correct defects or to redispose vehicles.

Communication with the BUS system


Transmit instructions such as “Switch on pre-heating” to your vehicles.

Lean processes


Integration, coordination and optimization of workshop, fuel refueling and cleaning.

Advantages at a glance

  • Reduction of time-consuming searches;
  • Overview of all standing and moving vehicles in your depot – indoors and outdoors;
  • Accurate vehicle identification;
  • Reducing the effort for vehicle maintenance;
  • Optimized vehicle parking;
  • Optimized vehicle utilization;
  • Transparent processes.

Fleet management


Efficient use of resources

Keep track of your fleet, no matter whether it consists of forklifts, trucks or company cars. Minimize the effort required from drivers, fleet managers or financial accountants and benefit from optimized vehicle utilization and efficient use of your resources.

Fleet management with the Agilion WIRELESS LOCATION SYSTEM

Access control


Determine which vehicle may obtain access to which area. Gates will be opened for vehicles equipped with the sensors.

Unloading trucks


The exact place of unloading will be communicated to the driver upon entering the premise.

Standing time overview


Automatic recognition of the vehicle’s time of arrival on and departure from the premise. Receive an overview containing the standing times of the truck enabling you to reduce inefficient idle times.

Vehicle data/states


Your vehicle transmits the current state of cargo as well as the tank contents, battery level, maintenance required et cetera.

Real-time location


Keep track of all your vehicles and benefit from clear assignment of drivers and vehicles. This significantly reduces the time required for vehicle searches.

Increase in productivity


Identify underused and overused vehicles.

Locate parking space


Can you tell where exactly your vehicle currently is? The Agilion WIRELESS LOCATION SYSTEM provides you with the exact location of your vehicle in the parking lot.

Optimization of routes


Analyze the routes of your forklifts and reduce inefficient ways.

Advantages at a glance

  • Transparent usage data;
  • Cost cutting;
  • Increase in productivity;
  • Efficient use of resources;
  • Optimal utilization of the fleet;
  • Greater safety in intra-site traffic;
  • Improved availability of the vehicles;
  • Optimization of logistics processes.

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