Accurate real-time information for sustainable decisions

The Agilion enterprise RTLS (real-time location system) WIRELESS LOCATION SYSTEM is currently rated as one of the most accurate and reliable real-time location systems in the global market. It is accurate and robust; therefore, it can be deployed indoors as well as outdoors for cross-company applications in industry and public transport.

Unique characteristics are the high future viability and easy rollout ability of the system. Furthermore, it includes the capability for bi-directional communication between the sensor and the application software. The smart inertia sensor measures, besides accurate location data, the velocity, altitude and alignment of the object.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Easy to roll out, as it is unsusceptible to errors, easy to install and implement with electrician working skills;
  • High future viability due to inexpensive and flexible scaling of the system onto all business areas;
  • Highly accurate localization up to 99,9996% referred to 30cm;
  • Reliable radio technology even under difficult industrial and environmentally conditions;
  • The hybrid ranging technology unites high accuracy (UWB technology) and a long range (2.4 GHz technology).Precise real-time information about the location, acceleration, elevation and orientation.

System architecture

The WIRELESS LOCATION SYSTEM can be operated and managed within an existing IT infrastructure. This enables integration into almost any enterprise service bus system and automation solution. An infrastructure merely consisting of ANCHORs, GATEWAYs and TAGs is required for any business application and thus allows for an affordable and flexible expansion of the system.

The smart network concept of the Agilion WIRELESS LOCATION SYSTEM requires fewer interfaces and fewer infrastructure devices (GATEWAYs, ANCHORs) than competing solutions. The lower number of infrastructure devices is achieved by using 360° antennas. Furthermore, you benefit from a robust operation as angular precise orientation is not necessary.




Anchors have a steady position within the localization network. They serve as reference points for the localization and enable the collection and transmission of localization data.


Gateways act like anchors, but possess an interface for IT infrastructure connection. Localization data and optionally application-specific data are exchanged between the wireless localization network and the localization server via the IT infrastructure.


The mobile TAGs are localized in the network. They can be carried by people or attached to vehicles or devices. Additionally, it is possible to transmit application specific data from and to the TAGs. Customers may utilize standardized or application specific TAGs. We develop engineering solutions and innovations which add value to your application field.

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